Simon Says Cheese @ the Kitchen Conservatory

Shameless plug…I know.  But I don’t care.  Simon will be doing an intro class on cheese at the Kitchen Conservatory on April 17th.  Please visit to sign up.

you know you want to.  just do it. 

6 thoughts on “Simon Says Cheese @ the Kitchen Conservatory

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  2. Is Simon back from abroad? How are you?

    You know, we have to talk because I need some cheese help. I feel like we are always eating the same luscious, wonderful cheeses and they are great but I feel the need to change it up and broaden my horizons. And I think you are just the people to help me.

    Would Simon ship cheese to NYC? Do people do that? Or at the very least, make some recommendations for your friends in the blogosphere? Are there any great, interesting, palate-building cheeses that the kids might adore?

    Also, how was it taking care of the kids, Auntie? Get them to eat foie gras yet?


  3. Kim: He is back. I’ve been so lazy and haven’t done a synopsis on the trip. Pictures are loaded up on the Flickr acct if you want to view them. He bought a really icky camcorder/camera to use on the farm b/c I wouldn’t let him take the Nikon in a barn. So….some are fuzzy.

    As for cheese, he will be more than happy to ship but I bet I can compile a list of recommendations for you that you will have no problem finding in the city. Just let me know your likes/dislikes and I’ll see what I can do for you guys. I’ll start thinking about the kids. One for sure that Emma likes is Yarra Dairy Feta. Super rich, great flavor. She likes it on Lebanese bread (we’re Lebanese so they have no choice) or in celery sticks…she doesn’t actually eat the celery…it’s just a vessel.

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