State Beer?….No,State Dessert!

A while back Bill Burge of STLBites fame discussed MO’s push to have a state beer. Well, this morning on NPR (yes…I listen to NPR) Ketzel Levine discussed Maryland’s push for something along the lines of MO. It’s not necessarily beer….but something just a good: Smith Island Cake. cake.jpgYep…dessert. Maryland is pushing for Smith Island Cake to be crowned the state dessert of Maryland. Smith Island is located about 12 miles out in the Chesapeake Bay. I have never had the opportunity to visit the island…but I have had their cake. And take it from me…it’s delicious. Some ladies make it with 9 layers…some 12…some even 18!!! The women in the community are known by how many layers each of them use in their cakes….kinda like a classification system of chocolatey, sweet goodness. A perfect evening to a perfect Maryland day is a big slice of this bad boy and a big glass of whole milk. ugh….makes my mouth water just thinking of it. Wonder what airfare to Maryland is these days.


2 thoughts on “State Beer?….No,State Dessert!

  1. Oh my goodness. I think I saw this in the “best of” Saveur magazine a year or two ago. I want to go home and make it right now, which I guess means I’ll need to invest in some dental floss. (Just kidding, although I’m not sure where B continues to hide it).

    Thanks for thinking of me and my monster this weekend. He’s doing much better. As it turns out, he likes treats as much as I do and he won’t go to the bathroom for anything else.

  2. Three years ago when I first bought a house on Deal Island, my wife and friends and I went to a dinner and charity show at Deal Island School. I bought a raffle for a Smith Island Cake. I told the lady I purchased the ticket from that if I won the cake I would invite her back to the house to have a piece. She told me very seriously that her husband would not appreciate that. Of course I was just being humorous. Well, I won the cake. They called me to the front of the stage for me to introduce myself. The cake was all that legend makes it to be.
    Last summer we took our boat out to Smith Island for the day. What a delightful place. The cake is great. Recipes are held secret by those who bake them. Bribery failed.

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