And I’d like you to spoon feed me too….

How much do you expect from your chef? Some folks are pretty damn nervy if you ask me. Sitting at fine dining establishment recently (not in St. Louis…for those wondering) I saw countless amounts of patrons just walk back to the kitchen DURING DINNER SERVICE to thank the chef. While the praise is welcomed…the invasion of this kitchen was not. I just find this practice to be so very very rude. Unless you are good friends with the chef (and good friends know when their buds are busiest) you should not go back in the kitchen unless invited.

This rant was born after reading an article NY Times this afternoon. The role of the chef.

sung.jpg photo by Evan Sung; David Chang, chef at the new Momofuku Ko in New York, serves with a smile.

Grab a stool and belly up to a new brand of upscale dining, where closeness to the cook comes with your meal as routinely as bread. Although counter seating, open kitchens, and chef’s tables are not new to the scene, Momofuku Ko and a few other restaurants are reaching for a new level of intimacy. The chefs are not only cooking and plating the food, but also serving it, taking coats, recommending wine and confirming reservations.

“Everyone who works here is a chef, and everyone is also a dishwasher,” said Michael Carlson, the chef at Schwa in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago, which serves elaborate multi-course menus of dishes such as parsnip custard with ice-wine vinegar caramel, candied sweetbreads and a lavender lecithin bubble. (It’s a dessert.)

So often patrons want that intimacy with their chef….and the feeling of prestige or entitlement arises when spending your valuable time & money in their restaurant.

But I ask this…how much can one person do? They are only human…why do we constantly expect super-human from a person who just has a passion for food and wants to share it with you.


Help me St. Joseph

Rumor has it if you pray to St. Joseph, bury a statue of him upside down in your front yard…your house will sell. Mom picked up a statue for me this week. But the trick is to then continue the good mojo by prominently displaying St. Joe in a good spot in the new diggs.

Our house is for sale. Wanna buy it? I’m dying for a yard big enough for a garden…one besides potted herbs. Don’t get me wrong….I appreciate my potted rosemary, parsley, thyme and lavendar….but I crave more. It’s my nature. I wish I would have had one of these!

Food Map Containers…..could have been exactly what I was looking for. It’s too late now. We are selling the brownstone and looking for a big kid house. It’s a bittersweet moment for me. This was the first house I ever bought…way before I knew Si. I cut my proverbial ‘rehab’ teeth on this bugger. I will be sad to leave it….but happier to be in a house with a bigger kitchen and an actual dining room. This place was perfect for me as a single gal…lots of cocktail parties on the patio and late night Guinness sessions. Hard to do a dinner party for 12 in the main level when you don’t have a proper dining room.

So do me a favor…pray to St. Joseph that the guy who looked at the house this weekend buys it.