this little piggy went to market..when she should have stayed home

Given the fridgid temps there was not much at the River Hills Farmer’s Market today.  Just got a look at two donkeys, a small gaggle of turkeys and some hens.


But all was not lost.  I stopped in Troy at Orschlein’s Farm and Home and got the Cheesemonger some dearly needed apparel for his trip to Ireland on Monday.  Carhartt insulated coveralls were on sale from $80 to $40…heavy duty rubber barn boots  for a whopping ten bucks…a killer C&W shirt with pearl buttons for $5 and a book on starting a sheep farm.  Not bad for an hour’s drive.  Plus…it was a gorgeous day for a drive.

I hope things pick up out there as the weather warms up.  Its a blink of a village, Silex.  There is a big hill on the north side of town with a wonderful old Victorian home.  I’d live there….looking down on everyone.  As the years pass the kids would spin tales about the cheesemonger’s wife that lives in the haunted house on the hill…with all her sheep (i don’t do cats).  I think that right there… is the making for a horror movie.  I’d learn to cackle.