Gooey Butter Cookies: The perfect breakfast

Yes. I eat cookies for breakfast. Some may say that it’s unhealthy….but I figure in what it is lacking in nutritional value, I make up for in spiritual/emotional health.

Simon and I are lucky enough to live within a hop, skip and a jump away from Veruca Bakeshop. Imagine the joy on my husbands face when he realized he could eat red velvet cake for breakfast–EVERYDAY!! At first, that is exactly what we did. Then….the jeans got a little tight. Opps. Well, mine did anyway. The love of my life can ‘fit it into his program’. I, however, could not. So, I started out on my ‘program’. I could have bakery for breakfast if I worked out. I didn’t fare so well the past two weeks. But, I managed to shed 4lbs. I do not attribute it to no bakery…I attribute it to just being more mindful of what I am shoving in my mouth. It is working.

With that said, I made the decision to indulge this dreary Monday morning with a cup of hot coffee and a treat from Veruca. Needless to say, Si was super happy. So, with our little bakery money stash, we popped in to see our dear friend and get some goodies.

Low and behold, the gooey butter cookie. We have been discussing this creation for quite some time and since I went on my bakery hiatus…I haven’t had the chance to give these little gooey butter babies a whirl.

One word: Heavenly. They are best served chilled according to the baker…and I think he’s right. They are delicious little buttery nuggets of happiness. Each one is dusted in powder sugar and has the inexplicably nostalgic St. Louis-style gooey butter cake texture and flavor: yet, somehow elevated to perfection. I have never tasted a gooey butter cookie so wonderful. I gobbled them up before we were out of Benton Park. Savor? Nah…gobbled.

Do yourself a favor. Go to Veruca. Get some gooey butter cookies…and the red velvet cake (Simon’s standard breakfast)….and some snack cakes and whatever else Matthew Rice has on display that day. I am also a huge fan of the homemade candy bars: pecans, coconut and…well, just good stuff.

The coffee is Chauvin. It’s a steal at $1.50 for a large…always hot and fresh. He also does a couple signature drinks as well. ( I recommend the hot chocolate if coffee is not your speed).

I can’t say enough great things about Veruca. Handmade goodies made by Matthew Rice, amazing prices, phenomenally creative and utterly, mouthwatering delicious.