9th Street Deli: Soulard

We went to lunch at the 9th Street Deli the other afternoon. When I think of deli’s I think of meat and cheese counters. I forget that in St. Louis, deli = sandwich shoppe. And that is fine with me. I had the Philly. And after living in Philly, I have come to appreciate a true Philly cheese steak. And 9th St. Deli delivered. WOW…the bread was toasted perfectly, the meat was tender and had lots of onions and peppers…seasoned really well…then they topped it with Cheez Whiz! Nice. Just like Philly. I admit, I prefer provolone on my cheese steak but the whiz was a trip down memory lane. The soups were fresh and house made…everything was piping hot…and we even ate it at home. So if you find yourself hungry for a cheese steak…check out 9th street deli in Soulard. Corner of 9th and Shennandoah. It’s good.



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