American Artisanal


We have a growing hunger to know where our food comes from. Organics is booming, and the number of farmers markets has doubled in the past ten years. In our increasingly corporatized world, we are looking to get back in touch with the land. American Artisanal feeds this hunger as no book has before.The book celebrates twenty-five of America’s leading food artisans˜from Wood Prairie Farms potatoes in Maine to Leavins Seafood in Florida, from Reed’s Ginger Brew in California to Earthy Delights mushrooms in Michigan. These producers return to the basics of sustainable, small-scale, and just plain high quality-control food. Woven throughout each chapter is the engaging history behind our foods—their natural origins and long journeys to cultivation. Each chapter concludes with recipes, and ordering information is provided so you can enjoy these culinary delights at home.

I pre-ordered this on Amazon this week. I am so very excited to get my hands on this little gem. I already have devoured the Atlas of Artisanal American Cheese…this will just put fuel to the fire!

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