Pricey Pork

I am a lover of all meats. I didn’t realize how much of a meat eater I was until I tried to decrease my consumption for health reasons. I love all things pork. If I see a charcuterie plate on a menu, ten to one I get it. There is a big push for in house meats these days (YaY!). But I wondered what everyone else thought of cured meats. What are some of your favorite? Do you make your own? Where do you get it? Local? or do you have it shipped to you.

This week Si got a beautiful piece of Spanish jamón ibérico de bellota. Oh, my. It’s soo good. This ham is from free-range pigs that roam oak forests (called la dehesa) along the southern border between Spain and Portugal, and eat only acorns . The exercise and the diet has a significant impact on the flavor of the meat; the ham is cured for 36 months. I think it tasted like peanut brittle…rich nutty, buttery flavor. Delicious!

It costs $159.00/lb!!!!!!!!! Holy Lord! That is an expensive ham sandwich.

You can get a $110 kobe/foie burger in some spots…now St. Louis has the $150 dollar hoagie.



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