Cheesemaker of the Week



This week’s featured Cheesemaker is Mike Gingrich of Uplands Cheese Company out of Dodgeville, Wisconsin. Mike (and his cows) are known for their Pleasant Ridge Reserve.


Their initial motivation for developing hard cheeses was to preserve the summer’s milk production for winter use. “Cows calved in spring and produced milk until winter ended the grazing season. Excess summer milk was turned into cheese, stored in caves and brought to the table during winter.


And if you are looking for freshness…look no further: “We make our cheese right on the farm starting within minutes after the last cow has been milked. Using such fresh milk eliminates the possibility of the milk developing any off flavors.”


You can find some of Upland Cheese Company’s finest here in St. Louis. The Wine Merchant is carrying the Extra Aged Pleasant Ridge Reserve. It’s aged 18 months, is drier, flavors are more intense and sweetness is more caramel-like. Stop in and pick some up!!


**The Cheesemonger’s Wife will be on holiday next week and, therefore will not be featuring a Cheesemaker of the Week until after February 18th. But stay tuned for tales from our travels to Phoenix, AZ!


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