So what if I picked my bones clean at Niche the other night…

…..the lamb was the most delicious I had EVER had in a local restaurant….I wanted every morsel of it….and we were seated at the table in the back. Strangely, I didn’t even order the lamb…I plucked it from Simon’s plate. I doubt if anyone saw….well, except for the kitchen staff who thought it was awesome that I didn’t a hoot about what I looked like…those bones were bare when I got done with them!!


“You don’t collect and cook recipes, or compile dining experiences like a butterfly collector,” taunts Anthony Bourdain in the introduction to his new book, Anthony Bourdain’s Les Halles Cookbook. “You must enjoy what you’re doing. If there is any real sin in the culinary universe, it is the sin of snobbery. If you’re afraid of a little grease on your chin, of eating with your hands, are squeamish about bones, fish heads, guts, are ambivalent about garlic, are too precious with your food, then buy another cookbook.”

2 thoughts on “So what if I picked my bones clean at Niche the other night…

  1. I’m really terrible at math, or I would leave a comment more often. I love reading your blog– you remind me of a much nicer version of myself. Coincidentally I just moved from Benton Park, which I loved me some Niche. I also love cheese. Just out of curiousity, did you watch the New Orleans No Boundaries last night? I am dying for a fried shrimp poboy with roast beef sauce. Mmmm. Try to catch a rerun if you can. (Or maybe we can enlist Blues City Deli to make an off-menu special)?

  2. I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet. It’s saved on the Moxi…have to wait for Simon to come home!!! I LOVE fried shrimp poboys. Too bad, so sad for me that all of a sudden I became allergic to shrimp this year! WTF??

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