Diamonds….nah…I’ll take a BLT

Found on the Food Section NYC:

Sandwich Style

BltringForget diamonds. Nothing says true love like a BLT sandwich… that your lady can wear on her fingers. The BLT Ring is composed of five individual rings — a bacon ring, a tomato ring, a lettuce ring, and two bread rings — that stack together to form a sterling silver BLT sandwich. $150 at The Grateful Palate.

The Grateful Plate is one of my favorite sites.  It’s where I go when I have money burning a whole in my pocket.  They have loads of hilarious yet practical gifts for the food enthusiast in your life.

One thought on “Diamonds….nah…I’ll take a BLT

  1. You’re the first person I know that’s known about this site also.

    The eye love bacon shirt is great.

    regardless…we need to get some people together and order some bacon. I can never justify the shipping just for myself, but you make two, and I’m sure we could find a few more people if we hammer on them.

    I mean come on…It’s friggin’ bacon right?

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