I have a slight addiction to Super Mario Bros…..doesn’t everyone?

supermariocupcakes.jpgFor Valentine’s Day last year, I sold my soul for a Wii for the Cheesemonger. Just the look on his face when he opened it made my year. Little did I know that I would enjoy the Wii as much as he did. The Wii, if you don’t know, can act as your wireless internet router in your house. Per the cheesemonger, my resident IT guy…the Wii itself is not the router…you can just use it with your internet service.  I could have sworn he told me it was the router.  Oh well, I just use it.  If you have this service enabled, it allows you to download retro Nintendo games from thier homepage. Simon got me Super Mario Brothers. It didn’t take long for my brain to shine up those synapses and before you knew it….I was back in action…it was like I was 12 years old again. I remembered where all the hidden mushrooms were, which tubes took you to the underground coin chests….you get my drift. I loved it. I even worked up some callouses on my thumbs again.

As time passed, we downloaded Donkey Kong and a bunch of other shoot ’em up games I don’t care about. I love it. I still play SMB on a regular basis. Now, Naomi has made my dreams come true. I want to have Wii party, play SMB and Pacman and eat her cupcakes.

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