Cheese of the Week: Vacherin du Jura

jura.jpgVacherin du Jura, made only in the Fall/Winer on the French side of the Alps, is an aromatic washed rind cow’s milk cheese. It is a pasturized cheese that smells of earth and mushrooms as it ripens. Secured in spruce bark to keep it formed, when ready you can almost eat it by the spoonful.

Of course, available at the Wine Merchant in Clayton.

Pairings: Beaujolais Nouveau, any BIG red or even Champagne! Any Cote du Jura.

Funny Fact:  Formerly ILLEGAL in the US!

2 thoughts on “Cheese of the Week: Vacherin du Jura

  1. This doesn’t sound like the kind of cheese you’ll be able to coax out of sheep in rural Wisconsin… Okay, bad joke. I just came across your site today via the stlbites forum. My wife Amy and I are foodie friends of Bill (and his better half). Odd as it may seem, we too have a dream of getting into the cheesemongering business, and have been zeroing in on a particular breed that can be shorn (Amy has mad knit skills) as well as milked. Perhaps we should consider pooling resources (double the chance of success, half the risk of failure)? Or at least getting everyone together for a beer or two so we can see who’s living the most in la-la land… Thanks for another great STL foodie site!

  2. Zach:

    Thanks for the note. We’d love to get together and talk sheep! What breed have you settled on? We are loving the Welsh Black. I am a novice knitter! I’ve finished about 3 scarves!!!

    Looking forward to meeting you and Amy!

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