222 Artisan Bakery….you should go there

logo_222bakery.jpg Located at 222 Main Street in Edwardsville, Illinois. It is by far one of the best bakery within a 45 minute drive of the City of St. Louis. As I sat parked in the public lot a few doors down from 222 Bakery, peering into two boxes filled with various pastries I wondered: “Do other people spend $40 on a Saturday morning at 222?” As guilt began to set in I remembered that this was my first visit to 222 and as a consumer, I needed to get a diverse selection of product to develop an informed opinion. As I tucked in to the bear claw I wondered if I would need to find a place that sold whole milk. Small flakes of deliciousness landed on my chin and then my sweater. Opps..I just cleaned the car…a little sugar glaze won’t hurt…I’ll just sweep it under the seat!

The crispy tawny outer layer gave way to buttery soft innards. A thin layer of sweet raspberry jam was just enough. So often, jam filled sweets go overboard on the filing and it overpowers it’s delicate cradle. This was just right. Enough to hit you with raspberry flavor but not too much that you sweater will carry a stain. The light glaze was perfect. Just a thin drizzle topped with toasty almond slivers for that added crunch. It was gone before I new it. Open flew the box and out popped a croissant…and it landed in my mouth!!! It was what I was hoping for: flaky, buttery with crunchy end bits. It really went well with my coffee (roasted by Debbie and Matt I might add). Ugh. I wonder why my pants are getting tighter!

Saved the big boy cinnamon roll for the cheesemonger…along with a savory ham and cheese croissant….some rum balls, a pecan pinwheel, chocolate croissant, raspberry and pear scone and a loaf of 9 grain bread. I stocked up because I know I won’t be able to get back over for a couple of weeks. But, if you are free…I urge you to gas up the car, pile in the kids and head across the river to 222 Bakery. It is worth the gas, time and money. Debbie and Matt put thier hearts and souls into everything they make! I found myself heading back to St. Louis wearing a giant grin and singing. What other place can you say that you leaving smiling and singing??? Not many!

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