Cheesemaker of the Week

Fraga Farm


We are a husband and wife team who together are living a dream we envisioned and have prepared for since 1993. Our purpose is to provide a superior cheese, abundantly rich in life force coming from our high quality, organic milk produced from our small herd of Alpine and Nubian goats. Our goats are lovingly cared for. We believe it all begins with the goats. Content, healthy,well respected animals produce superior milk. You can taste it in the cheese! Our employees have the same high regard for the goats and the cheese as we do,it makes for a very satisfying work environment. That care and attention goes into the cheesemaking and only the finest high quality ingredients are used. Our cheese is offered to our customers with pride, Knowing that they will taste the difference. Our mission is to produce a high quality organic goat cheese, full of vitality.Our intent is to increase health and enjoyment to our customers

This one is for my pal Mac….soon to be moving to the Pacific Northwest! I love seeing couples working together and creating a nutritious, healthy, delicious natural products. I can’t help but envision my life in a couple years from now on the farm in Wisconsin.

One thought on “Cheesemaker of the Week

  1. Well, thanks so much! I haven’t completely got myself into “research” mode yet for this move, but the time is coming soon. Where to live, where to eat, where to camp, where to hike…..if only all problems were this great.

    Can’t wait to get out of the Midwest and experience the culinary differences and delicacies the PNW has to offer.

    Your Pal,


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