Smile!! The pork shoulder was salvaged!!!

The pork shoulder made phenomenal tacos.  Wow.  They turned out great.  Started with sweating a large onion and 3 cloves of garlic….then the cheesemonger got mad at me b/c he wanted to cook.  Does anyone else have this problem with their spouse…fight about who gets to cook dinner.  According to him, I usurped his cooking project.  Whatever.  I handed over the spoon and chopped lettuce.  oooohh..lettuce–how exciting.   If you were to ask the cheesemonger about this, he would yell “She’s a storyteller!!”  But, I guess he’s right.  I did dictate which spices he put in….and held him back from adding too many peppers.  Our dinner guest (aka Michael our neighbor) has a sensitive palate.  It was a joint project in the end.  But, the dishes are still sitting in the kitchen….wonder who will jump up to do those??

The pork tacos were super succulent with a smoky, firey underbelly….the kind of heat that makes your lips tingle around the 4th bite.  slow burn…my favorite.  again, didn’t take a photo b/c I was too busy eating them!