I’ve about had it with you!!!

Stupid pork shoulder


It was a disaster. I was so excited. I so messed up. I do this all the time…I go overboard. I keep adding things…. thinking it’s a good idea….and before I know it…I’m one ‘toke over the line’. In my mind I had an idea of a crispy succulent shoulder, the kind you get in Mexico with the little chunks of pineapple and chiles. I have come to believe that you can’t recreate tacos pastor. I keep trying….and I keep failing. Come to find out you need a rotisserie and you need to put the pork on raw and cook it on the spit. Ain’t happenin’.

My experiment was so bad, I’m not even going to begin to lay it out…..embarrassing b/c I’m a pretty good cook. It was salvageable…but it’s going to get chopped up and made into tacos or a pork pie (anything baked in puff pasty is good, right??). I sometimes have these grandiose ideas that I can recreate what I eat in restaurants or in other countries. Most the time, I can….to an extent. This pork shoulder is case in point.


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