Was painfully dissapointed last with last evenings meal

The only redeeming quality of my meal last evening was being able to get to know some of my colleagues in a more casual manner. The meal was, in a word, blah. I have been spoiled by some great chefs and close friends with amazing culinary skills. The Caesar salad (if I may be so bold to refer to it as such) resembled nothing I have ever known to be called Caesar. The lettuce was crisp and fresh…I will admit that. But the light dressing had no body or depth. It was watered down and had a faint wisp of anchovies. I prefer the heartier versions of this dish with strong overtones of garlic, Parmesan and those little delectable fishes. I chose the organic roasted chicken over a bed of panzanella with a balsamic glaze. The chicken breast was ‘Frenched’, as so many St. Louis restaurants have taken to to these days. (a habit of which I do not mind in the least) Unfortunately, whomever was working this dish last night must have forgotten it in the oven. It was as dry. Seriously dry….dry like the inside of your Maytag after your son comes home from college. The tomatoes, cucumbers, olives and mozzarella were a welcome reprieve. The chicken was pushed aside and the panzanella was devoured. Retrospectively, I was informed that the veggies came from my favourite local farm. No wonder why I enjoyed them. Finishing off my meal, I ordered the bread pudding with blueberry compote and vanilla bean ice cream. The ice cream was homemade, the blueberry compote as sweet and delicious and went well with my frozen treat. The bread pudding however, tasted like it was pulled from a tin. It was a dense chewy blob. Now, some may say that bread pudding should be a dense chewy blob. I digress: I prefer my bread pudding to resemble more of an bready, eggy souflee (as described in an earlier post). This was nothing like that.

Sad to say, I was dissapointed. On an up note, the meal was picked up by someone else.

P.S. I did have a wonderful bruschetta of French bread, butter and vine ripe tomatoes. Of course, the tomatoes were straight from our favourite farm…..hard to mess up that.

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