Hodge Podge Bread Pudding

I had a left over French baguette (strange for us!) the other day. Despite the fact it was nearing a blistery 100 degrees, I decided to bake. I had some eggs in the fridge that needed to be used. They were the kind from the mega mart….nothing I would really want to eat as just plain eggs. Some heavy cream and a new box of Big Tree Farms Palm Sugar rounded out the recipe.  I didn’t really measure anything.  I just toppled all the ingredients into a mixing bowl and whizzed.  6 eggs, enough cream/milk to thin it out.  Palm sugar to taste and some vanilla.  Popped it in the cooker for about 35-40 minutes until puffed and golden.  Hit the spot.  The palm sugar melted and became dark and golden…just oozing from the eggy custard.  I sprinkled the top with some extra palm sugar for that crusty sweet top.  Should have nabbed a pic of it.  I didn’t.  I just ate it.  At the last minute I sprinkled some dark chocolate shavings on top.  The cheesemonger requested more chocolate next time.  I was just looking for some sweet, eggy bread goodness.  And I found it.

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