Hodge Podge Bread Pudding

I had a left over French baguette (strange for us!) the other day. Despite the fact it was nearing a blistery 100 degrees, I decided to bake. I had some eggs in the fridge that needed to be used. They were the kind from the mega mart….nothing I would really want to eat as just plain eggs. Some heavy cream and a new box of Big Tree Farms Palm Sugar rounded out the recipe.  I didn’t really measure anything.  I just toppled all the ingredients into a mixing bowl and whizzed.  6 eggs, enough cream/milk to thin it out.  Palm sugar to taste and some vanilla.  Popped it in the cooker for about 35-40 minutes until puffed and golden.  Hit the spot.  The palm sugar melted and became dark and golden…just oozing from the eggy custard.  I sprinkled the top with some extra palm sugar for that crusty sweet top.  Should have nabbed a pic of it.  I didn’t.  I just ate it.  At the last minute I sprinkled some dark chocolate shavings on top.  The cheesemonger requested more chocolate next time.  I was just looking for some sweet, eggy bread goodness.  And I found it.

Boring weekend

Nothing much to report on our weekend. Wedding on Sat, dinner at Irish Pub in Sunday and chicken fajitas and Mr. Bean’s Holiday on Monday. Now that the house is in tip top shape for showings, I have nothing to use as an excuse to stay in. Usually, I had to ‘clean the house’. Now, nothing.

Dinner at Savor tonight. Haven’t been there since my first date with the Cheese-monger. That was over 2 years ago! Whoa.